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 WE LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!! I bought a couple of Doggy Bags this summer and they have worked exactly as I was told they would. Wilfred and Fergus can take a late evening dip in the river (they used to get in trouble for doing that) and get clean and dry in just a few minutes. As good as the bags are, what we found to be really amazing is the Odor Free spray we bought along with them!!! A couple of weeks ago, we picked up a new car. The very next day, a container of gasoline mixed with oil tipped over in the back of the car. The cap broke when it fell and gasoline flooded the back of the car, completely saturating the carpet. So much for the "new car smell". Of course, we pulled everything out that we could and let it air for a week or so. We used carpet cleaner. We used fabric refresher. Nothing worked and the stench was so powerful it brought tears to the eye, making new car a misery to drive.
While looking for something in our arsenal of cleaning solutions, my husband came across the forgotten bottle of Odor Free. We sprayed the back of the car liberally and the gas smell was immediately and completely gone!!! This stuff is magic! It didn't cover up the stink... it took it away! Thanks to Doggy Bag's Odor Free, my new car smells like a new car again. We are customers for life!

-Kate | Facebook

Still the best investment I've ever made!!! No stinking dog towels & we always have one dry, mud free Newfie after every water inspired walk!!! Love love love our doggy bag & have to say the customer service from them is second to none. Can't recommend highly enough - brilliant. Well done - glad we stumbled across you!!!!

-Alison | Facebook



We bought our new doggy bag yesterday and today after our walk in balloch country park ERNIE went in it for the first time ... Wow it was great and worth every penny, I think it is going to save me a lot of time washing a million towels - thank you doggy bag team

-Helen | Facebook