Will my dog like it?

Not all dogs will want to enter the bag right away.We recommend positive reinforcement and starting the process by drying the dog without zipping. We also have a 100% money back guarantee. But we are 100% sure you and your dog will love it.


How else can we use the spray?

We have had customers say they use the spray in so many ways, even for litter boxes. The spray has special enzymes that eliminate bacteria and smell. You can even use it for skunk or other animal sprays. 


What other ways can I use the Doggy Bag?

There are so many ways you can use the Doggy Bag! Hate laundry? Eliminate using multiple towels, one Doggy Bag can do it all, over and over again! Use it in the car, the beach, after a bath, or rainy day. You can even use it for your more nervous Doggy's as a security blanket!

We also encourage shelters and animal control to use our bags as a great way to capture animals. Keeping the animals calm and rescuers clean and unharmed.