Dag Care Instructions


Carpet Cleaner Instructions

  • All natural living enzyme, completely safe and non toxic for all animals.

  • Easy to use, just spray it on, let it loosen, lift, & suspend soil with quick dry time

  • Rub surface briskly with damp towel. Wipe with clean, dry towel

  • Easily removes urine, vomit, wine, coffee, oil & more

  • You can use it in your carpet cleaning machine too!

Below are detailed instructions on how to use our spray and carpet cleaners.


Mud Mats

The number one mat for absorption, dirt holding properties. Save on your cleaning costs, works great for both industrial and household applications. Ideal solution for busy industrial / commercial building, restaurant, retail stores, hotel, hospital, public institution, sports and leisure areas. Perfect for a doorway from outside of your front yard or your garden. Stops grease from your kitchen. Picks up and holds dry dirt and grit. Collects 95% of moisture and dirt from the soles of shoes Cotton with non-slip PVC-free rubber backing.