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  • Dries and Cleans your Wet Muddy dog in seconds!
  • Use it in the back of the car after a dirty walk
  • Peels off the Mud and Traps it in the Bag
  • Super Absorbent! 2 minutes in the bag is all it takes
  • Use after a Bath or Shower
  • Dries out quickly
  • Shakes out clean and machine washable if needed
  • No more Wet Stinky Towels!

Wet Muddy Dog Goes In, 

Dry Clean Dog Comes Out!

Dog in bag at beach

Our Doggy Bags are lightweight and quick to dry, so ideal for travelling. Use them to cover baskets, beds, and back-seats, and just shake clean after use. Convenient and less washing! Doggy Bag® is perfect for wet and muddy dogs, whether it’s straight out of the shower or back from the beach in the car.

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